Westlab Spaces, has always had the objective of putting local first. Never has this priority been so important as during the current period, where the fragility of global supply chains have been exposed in a matter of weeks. The breakdown of global supply strengthens Westlab Projects’ resolve and ability to deliver – we put local first. Here’s a living example of why sovereign capabilities are so valuable to us, and how we can promise to deliver a 100% locally manufactured furniture system for your laboratory.

Our service spine

Westlab’s fully redesigned and innovative service spine is a product which leads the market. However, more importantly, it is a product which is 100% locally sourced.

Where quality is concerned, this ensures that our product can be totally verified, raw material secured from the best source and all the while maintaining support for sovereign manufacturing. Rather than relying on low-quality processed aluminium from China, we use far higher quality materials out of reliable factories which do not use forced labour, unsafe working conditions, unethical management of processes, working conditions and corporate affairs. This makes for something we can provide with 100% confidence in quality, design and functionality – something we have designed in house by experts who have knowledge and experience in the scientific sector.

Our benchtops

Selecting a benchtop for the laboratory can be a painstaking experience. Do we choose a generic system, a good design, or choose the cheapest we can? The answer lies in the Modulab compact laminate benchtop which is designed and manufactured to specification by Westlab. Using high quality fine papers, these are purpose-built for lamination, and are then compacted and laminated with phenolic resin. The result makes for one of the most durable benching materials which is highly versatile, streamlined and looks fantastic in its setting.

Our system

Westlab’s innovative Modulab Connect™ system is arguably the most innovative system on the market. Designed and manufactured in-house, the system’s modularity does not compromise quality and the end result is a highly versatile and modular system which is strong and reliable.

Why you should go local

Having chosen to manufacture locally, Westlab Spaces puts its commitment on energetically providing a hassle-free experience. Our whole core function lies on our ability to deliver the best quality products with the best lead times on the market. Relying on our own economy and superb manufacturing capabilities, we know that going local will allow us as a company and we as an industry to grow and prosper. Less reliance on other countries, whether great or small, differentiates Westlab Spaces from others. That is how we find Westlab in Every Discovery™.