3d lab design software

3D Laboratory Model & Planning

Creating a well thought laboratory space is essential for ensuring a productive and flexible environment that enables staff to do their best work. Our 3D lab visualisation tool lets you to virtually design your lab.

3D labortaory Planner tool allows clients to import existing plans or draw laboratory floor plans to scale. Customise designs with over 300 different furniture modules and test layouts in real-time.

Westlab’s laboratory design consultants work in collaboration with clients to assist them in the laboratory design phase and develop the perfect layout

Create Your Perfect Laboratory Space

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3D Laboratory Design Tool​

Design and Plan Your Laboratory in 3D​ Model

Create Outstanding Laboratory Spaces

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Interactive 3D Designs

Experience your dream lab space before it's built

We are aware of the difficulties involved in organizing and designing a laboratory. For this reason, we've put together a wealth of materials, such as design experts, design standards.

Our 3D laboratory model allows you to virtually design your lab space before we begin setting it up. We'll assist you in creating the most productive and efficient lab arrangement possible.

Construct Most Flexible and Efective Lab Design in Faster way.

Updating a laboratory should be a simple process. Finally, our 3D laboratory planning software is both powerful and easy to use. It allows you to rapidly design, visualize, and optimize lab spaces while collaborating with your team in real time. Save valuable time and resources, and get back to science.

How our 3D Space Planner Tool Can Transform Your Lab Design?

Enhance Visualization:

A 3D Space Planner offers realistic, three-dimensional views of the lab, improving accuracy in design and identifying potential layout issues beforehand.

Optimised Space Utilization:

It allows for experimenting with different configurations, maximizing efficiency in equipment placement and workspace layout.

Improve Collaboration:

The tool enables real-time, collaborative design, ensuring all stakeholders contribute to the planning process, enhancing communication and reducing misunderstandings.

Cost and Time Efficient

Early identification of design problems saves time and money, streamlines the design process, and minimizes the need for later modifications.

Create Your Perfect Laboratory Space

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Having designed and fit out hundreds of laboratories for a wide range of industries, we can help you take your project requirements and create inspiring and efficient laboratories spaces.

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