Laboratory 3D Planner


Creating a well thought laboratory space is essential for ensuring a productive and flexible environment that enables staff to do their best work.

The 3D Planner tool allows clients to import existing plans or draw laboratory floor plans to scale. Customise designs with over 300 different furniture modules and test layouts in real time.

Westlab’s design consultants work in collaboration with clients to assist them in the laboratory design phase and develop the perfect layout.

Create Your Perfect Laboratory Space

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Interactive 3D Designs


All-in-one Solution

  • Draw your floor plan easily from one room to a complete floor
  • Customize interiors design with over 300 different furniture modules
  • Turn your floor plan to 3D without downloading any software or application
  • Access your projects anywhere, even on a smartphone or tablet
  • Experience the room through any mobile virtual reality headset

Free Consultation & Lab Design


The first step in designing your inspiring laboratory is always the most challenging.

To help you get started, we offer a complimentary initial consultation and 3D laboratory design valued at $4,750.

Having designed and built more than 274 laboratories, we are experienced in creating inspiring and efficient laboratories spaces for our clients.

The complimentary laboratory design includes…

  • Virtual Room Assessment
  • Basic Lean/Flow Analysis
  • 1x Detailed Floorplan Concept
  • 1x 3D Furniture Concept
  • Detailed costing Proposal of Project

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