Keeping up with global trends will give a sharp and competitive edge in a highly competitive laboratory world. Understanding and keeping up with global trends is keeping leading companies on the “qui vive” assisting in many areas such as presentation to external clients, productivity of space, attracting top staff, leverage of positive culture and self-managed continues improved units. Here are some trend predictions for 2020 that we would like to share with you and your team.

Productivity and Purpose alignment through lean process

Lean process is becoming an increasingly adopted methodology that can be applied to any division of any type of laboratory. This is a very quick and effective way of assessing “critical to quality” factors that could be leveraged to boost productivity and accelerate purpose.

Lean process effectively challenges flow and seeks to eliminate inefficiencies. It has proven to free up a substantial amount of existing resources and applied it in a way that is measurable and applicable, so ROI is recognised. It also creates a dynamic culture of continued improvement so divisions can, in some cases, self-improve and self-manage.

Sustainability & more conscious materiality

There are lots of reasons to consider implementing sustainable practices in your laboratory. Not only is it good for the environment, but it can reduce expenses in the form of energy costs, improve the wellbeing and satisfaction of your staff and attract clientele looking to do business with “value aligned” suppliers.

Some simple changes that will assist you with getting your laboratory more environmentally sustainable include sustainable partnerships through environmentally preferable purchasing policy, develop a supplier policy screen, introduce living plants to workspace, conservation of energy green rated efficient equipment selection and LED lighting, provide training for your employees on sustainability, replace disposable with reusable and bench mark your efforts.

The merger of Agile and Diversity

To become agile, your company needs a diversity of workspaces to support all forms of laboratory work. Creating a productive, agile workspace can be achieved by putting the user groups first and include them as early in the planning process as possible. It is more than just presenting the concepts from architects and interior designers, consider the Agile Principles such as transparency, interaction, and inclusion.

Inclusive approach to laboratory space planning

2020 is a year of inclusion. Inclusive design is about putting the user groups at the heart of the design process. It is about usability and productivity. Reducing effort and segregation creates a happier workplace. It is, of course, impossible to design for everyone. Inclusion of user groups in the space planning phase also brings with it ownership, pride and connection with individuals.

Design of the workplace should not segregate any researchers based on their special requirements and needs or draw attention to any one individual more than the other. The design must be efficient and effective in creating a hospitable and inclusive environment without highlighting individuals.

Modular and interchangeable

In 2020 we are expecting a massive global movement towards the use of modular and interchangeable laboratory joinery package and furniture. The acceleration of technology is demanding user-friendly quick flexible spaces that can be removed, reconfigured or interchanged in minutes to facilitate new equipment and workflows.

Other benefits that modular laboratory joinery can bring to the table include reduced cost through standardisation, speed of delivery through stock on hand, quality of outcome through in-factory pre-assembly and substantially reduced installation periods.

Daring contrasts and colour clashing

A new era is expected to emerge with bold aesthetic colour pairing. Pairing bold, contrasting colours with light neutrals can help dull the intensity of the palette. A laboratory being a typically neutral space can be come to life with hint of “whimsical and playful”. This can be introduced through bold and interesting use of floor vinyl colours and layouts, contrasting joinery benches and cabinetry with bench framing powdercoating, or simply using paint on walls and doors in a creative and vibrant way.

In the Camira Global Trend directions report 2019/20 “Why Not”, they speak of being brave, having fun, being one.

Our designers are expecting to see more clash of colour, more contrast and more challenging inspirations.