Creating your new laboratory space, particularly when undertaking large and significant projects, is a large enterprise for any project manager.

From start to finish, a successful laboratory refurb or fit-out must be orchestrated with perfect timing and installation quality. However, this can only be coordinated in one simple way: using a local network of highly professional, approved and accredited people who are experienced and skilled in this specialist sector.

Not only that, but a 100% Australian product taken from our own earth, processed in our own mills and manufactured in our own factories.


Using your own network of local personnel is a secure method of quality control where a process is involved rather than a merchant’s product. As opposed to outsourced or subcontracted people with more of a generic capability, accredited people have experience and professionalism when dealing with laboratories.

Standard joinery usually requires a balanced combination of functionality and aesthetics; laboratory joinery, on the other hand, is a more complex process that requires to take into account things such as PC2 or PC3, local regulations compliance and other specialised knowledge.

An installer of generic joinery is almost guaranteed to require more time and effort in the job, and likely will not have an understanding of the requirements when installing laboratory furnishings in order to maintain compliance. Westlab Spaces provides a network of accredited installers with extensive experience to ensure the installation is compliant and hassle-free.


For most, quality is a non-negotiable when organising the install of a new laboratory. Avoiding non-specific cabinetry is of all importance, as non-compliance not only will cause you inconvenience and a loss of functionality in the laboratory, but it could move responsible personnel into a predicament if an accident happened.

Using proven networks gives a lever to both the buyer and the installer where quality is concerned. Where 100% locally manufactured products are used, this provides versatility in supply and application of the product. A fully modular joinery package thus ensures the laboratory is future-proof.


Minimising the number of communication channels when discussing the detail and finalising aspects of the laboratory will act as the key to a fast and seamless installation of the laboratory. From the very first process—the design proposal—which is a guaranteed 8-hour turnaround from the time of request, in-house personnel make maximum use of time and provide the fastest service one would find in the market. Even through to the finishing touches of installation, this benefits enormously to the end user.

Lead times are slashed while increasing the quality of the laboratory experience. Furthermore, this ensures that lead times are minimal, disrupting existing laboratory processes as little as possible. As you would know, in this sector of the scientific environment, time is truly money.

Delivery assurance

In today’s world where supply fragility has been exposed, we know now that anything can happen, and overnight. This is where Westlab has experienced the value of putting local first. Our 100% locally made and designed system needs no overseas reliance, particularly not on Asian countries where the raw materials are poor quality and produced unethically. The use of this local product allows Westlab to deliver the best quality product, on time and hassle-free.


As Westlab’s Modulab system is designed 100% in house and manufactured to specification, this has enabled us to ensure full compliance and ability to remain versatile. Where PC2 and PC3 is concerned, this is enabled through the innovation of the Westlab team. Simple steps conducted by Westlab’s personnel ensure that compliance is reached. However, design is not the only factor – accredited installers provide a secure service which ensures compliance is not compromised.

Make the move!

Going local can never be underestimated in its benefits. Where price may be at a premium, return on investment is guaranteed and service, delivery and functionality will on the other hand be premium. Making the investment is no mean issue, and where laboratories are concerned, the investment is essential.