The Journey From Idea to Custom Laboratory Benches Design

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We might not see many scientific laboratories, but there is one evident thing: every lab is different. Some labs are biological, so they have many glass containers for culturing and nurturing small organisms in the lab environment. Meanwhile, chemical labs deal with chemicals and reagents and have different laboratory benches. Here is when customisation enters the scene.

Customisation means building something that meets the owner’s needs and requirements. This one does not have standard sizes and features but can add any advanced or modern tool. If we take the example of lab benches, the lab owner can make these workstations according to their ideas or space. These workstations can be more productive as they offer more functionality while covering less lab space.

What Are The Benefits Of Customised Laboratory Benches?

Laboratory benches and cabinets are an essential part of any scientific facility. They offer multiple benefits to advanced research and development. However, customised workstations make the lab more functional.

Some of the advantages are as follows.

Optimised Workflow and Efficiency

Researchers can increase workflow and efficiency by designing customised benches and cabinets daily. These workstations can be designed according to the lab’s requirements. These designs reduce unnecessary installations and allow for streamlined, productive research and experiments.

Specialised Features

Lab owners can add special features, such as built-in gas, electricity, or water valves, directly to the lab benches. A famous example is modulab connect service workstations, which offer multiple installation options. These benches are more productive because scientists do not have to move much, and every tool they need is near their accessibility.

Improved Flexibility And Ergonomics

Customised lab benches offer more comfort and flexibility in lab settings. Modular lab benches can be adjusted according to the height of the user. Meanwhile, they can be changed according to the trend of modern research. These two features make these customised benches a must-have for any lab vicinity.

Tailored Material Selection

If lab owners care about the planet and promote eco-friendly options for bench laboratory, customisation gives them this opportunity. They can choose any sustainable material, like wood, instead of stainless steel to build their workstations. However, they can also choose materials that offer durability to the lab, like fire-resistant or chemical-resistant materials.

Cost Effective

Sometimes, customised lab benches can be more cost-effective than typical lab workstations. Since these workstations are made according to lab space and needs, they are made just for the specific lab task. These cost-effective benches have all the necessary installation without breaking the bank account.

Therefore, customised lab benches offer the user and lab many benefits simultaneously. This bench design offers better storage and organisation techniques in the chaotic world of labs. With customisation, researchers can reach the end of their complex experiments with groundbreaking results.

Guide To Build Costumised Workstations For Lab Use

Building a laboratory is challenging for any lab owner. Careful consideration and selection of materials and designs are required to create a perfect environment for advanced research and development. Building an ideal lab workstation takes a few steps.

The prominent set of building steps are as follows.

Step 1. Analyse The Lab Space

One must know the exact measurements of their laboratory. After the actual numbers are determined, they will design a workstation that perfectly fits into the lab while offering complete functionality. One can create designs conveniently using a 3D lab tool to help the designer create a functional design.

Step 2. Select The Material

Now, select the desired material for the customised lab bench. To build a sturdy workstation, one can choose from stainless steel, epoxy raisin, or wood. The owner can choose a chemical or fire-resistant material if the lab works mainly with hazardous materials.

Step 3. Add Ergonomics And Safety Features

In this step, the lab bench designer must add comfort to the bench. They must also add height adjustability to the design, which will help researchers prevent neck strain and stiffness. One can add safety features like fume hoods, safety shields, emergency eyewash stations, and fire extinguishers to the lab bench.

Step 4. Add Storage Options

Now, add modern storage options to the lab bench. Vertical storage cabinets are becoming popular in modern labs because they offer added storage and accessibility. You can also design hidden or fire-resistant cabinets for the workstations to increase storage capacity and safety features.

Step 5. Add Aesthetics

In one of the final steps, lab bench designers can beautify the workstations as much as possible. They can add LED lights, unique colours, a hint of grass, or other features to make the bench more attractive.

Step 6. Finalise The Design

Review the design again to remove any weaknesses or building issues. After reviewing, the lab workstation design is final and ready to execute. Give this design to the lab furniture maker and get the desired design in the agreed time.

Using standard or customised laboratory benches, the lab can offer multiple functions for research. Customised options are more productive as they fulfil the lab’s needs by providing maximum comfort and excessive storage space. With these benches, researchers can find answers to their queries and change their view of the world forever.

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What is the basic need for laboratory benches and cabinets?

Lab benches provide a stable work surface for experiments, while cabinets offer secure storage for equipment, chemicals, and materials, keeping the lab organised and safe.

What is meant by the modulab connect service?

Modulab Connect is a service spine system for laboratories. It simplifies lab setup by integrating essential services like power, gas, data, lighting, and shelving into a single unit.

Why does a laboratory need modular lab benches?

Labs benefit from modular benches because they offer flexibility, easy reconfiguration for changing needs, space optimisation, and adaptability for future growth.


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