Hills Grammar


Hills Grammar embarked on a mission to enhance its educational offerings by refurbishing one of six science laboratories, partnering with Westlab Spaces division and Civic Australia to achieve this goal.

The client’s motivation stemmed from a desire to modernize their facilities and provide students with a cutting-edge learning environment. By investing in this project, the school aimed to elevate its science education program, fostering student engagement and academic excellence.

The project requirements included the need for a flexible, adaptable laboratory space that could accommodate both theoretical instruction and practical experimentation. Budgetary constraints and timeline considerations added complexity to the project, requiring meticulous planning and efficient execution. Additionally, the client emphasized the importance of sustainability, seeking solutions that would minimize environmental impact while maximizing long-term usability.

Westlab Spaces division rose to the challenge by delivering a comprehensive solution tailored to the client’s needs. Drawing upon their expertise in laboratory design and furniture manufacturing, Westlab provided innovative modular furniture solutions that could be easily reconfigured to support various teaching methodologies.

Their collaborative approach ensured that the project met all specifications while adhering to budgetary and timeline constraints.

The outcome of the project was a resounding success, exceeding the client’s expectations in every aspect. The refurbished science laboratory now serves as a beacon of innovation and excellence within Hills Grammar School, providing students with a dynamic learning environment that promotes inquiry, experimentation, and critical thinking. The modernized facilities have invigorated the school’s science education program, empowering educators to deliver engaging, hands-on lessons that inspire curiosity and spark discovery.

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