Road Science

New Zealand

Westlab Spaces collaborated with Road Science in Tauranga, New Zealand, to craft a cutting-edge laboratory environment tailored to their specific needs. With a focus on functionality, efficiency, and innovation, Westlab Spaces worked closely with Road Science to understand their requirements and vision for the new laboratory space.

Drawing upon their expertise in laboratory design and fit-out, Westlab Spaces employed a meticulous approach, integrating state-of-the-art equipment, ergonomic workstations, and advanced technology to optimize workflow and productivity.

The design prioritized safety, compliance, and sustainability, ensuring that Road Science’s laboratory operations would meet industry standards and future growth requirements.

Through careful planning and attention to detail, Westlab Spaces transformed Road Science’s vision into reality, delivering a bespoke laboratory space that fosters collaboration, enhances research capabilities, and supports Road Science in achieving its scientific goals.

The result is a modern, functional, and inspiring laboratory environment that reflects Road Science’s commitment to excellence in scientific research and innovation.

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