Plant & Food Research – Postharvest Innovation Lab

New Zealand

Westlab Spaces, a renowned leader in laboratory design and fit-out solutions, undertook the exciting task of designing and equipping a state-of-the-art Postharvest Innovation Lab for Plant and Food Research in Auckland. Plant and Food Research sought to establish a cutting-edge facility dedicated to advancing postharvest technologies and methodologies, aiming to enhance the quality, safety, and sustainability of food products.

The need for this lab stemmed from the ever-growing demand for innovative solutions in postharvest handling, storage, and processing of fresh produce. Plant and Food Research recognized the significance of staying ahead in this field to meet evolving market demands, ensure food security, and reduce food waste.

Westlab’s expertise came into play as they meticulously crafted a customized laboratory environment tailored to Plant and Food Research’s specific requirements. This included ergonomic workspaces, advanced instrumentation, temperature-controlled storage facilities, and specialized areas for experimentation and analysis.

By integrating cutting-edge technology with efficient design principles, Westlab ensured that the lab would facilitate seamless workflow and precise experimentation.

The outcomes of this collaboration were remarkable. Plant and Food Research gained a world-class Postharvest Innovation Lab that empowered researchers to explore new frontiers in postharvest science. The facility provided them with the tools and resources needed to conduct groundbreaking research, develop innovative technologies, and ultimately, contribute to the enhancement of global food systems.

Through the synergy of Plant and Food Research’s expertise and Westlab’s ingenuity, the new lab emerged as a beacon of innovation, driving advancements in postharvest practices and benefiting both the industry and society at large.

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