Building a laboratory facility with speed and agility without compromising on quality can be a real challenge in today’s Australasia. Executing a project quickly and efficiently has a positive impact directly on your organisation’s bottom line. Westlab have been paying attention to Australasian customers for 25 years and have perfected a system to meet the requirements of cost, quality and speed.


What is the Westlab projects Golden Triangle?

Westlab’s golden rule consists of 3 core areas to assist you with a peace of mind experience whilst receiving key deliverables to directly effect bottom line and ROI outcomes within your organisation. Quality, Speed and Cost have all proven to be important factors in the global laboratory fitout markets. Obtaining a project in the centre of this Golden Triangle is a common objective, but has proven almost impossible to have all three attributes covered.


Westlab Project’s Golden Triangle

How will I ensure my new laboratory is high quality?

In-House Manufacturing and Semi Pre-Assembly

Westlab has developed a system that is manufactured in-house to assist with precision componentry and can be semi-assembled to assist with reduction of site time and limitations. Traditionally, a laboratory space assembled on site instigates key challenges such as lack of lighting, access issues, congestion of space, clashing of trades etc…

Westlab ISO9001 Quality Management Systems

The Modulab connect is a stocked system that has been proven in many lab spaces for quality and is re-assessed through the Westlab ISO9001 quality management system to ensure that the stocked componentry is exceeding internal requirements and standards.

How can I keep control of my costs and ensure a competitive system?

Lean Process Adoption

Westlab has used division of labour, lean process and economies of scale to assist cost reduction for you and your organisation. Buying a competitive system that has been proven in the industry provides peace of mind to management and leadership overseeing budgets and financing on new laboratory space.

How can I compress the design to delivery process of my new lab space to save time, effort and money?

Compressed Gantt Methodology

The Westlab projects team has been refining our delivery methodology for several years now and have successfully launched the Westlab overlapping waterfall Gantt methodology. This methodology is coupled with experienced project management.

Stocked Modules

Keeping large stocks of our pre-configured and adaptable Modulab® Connect system across multiple local warehouses allows you to bring speed into your process. Having stock allows us to deliver a non-custom laboratory within a few days, substantially reducing custom manufacturing time.

Fast 8-hour 3D Design, Bill of materials and Estimation service

The Westlab Project’s proprietary 3D software platform allows for more agility and accuracy in your design process. The Design team of a basic to advanced design service and can quickly drag and drop your floorplans or sketches into the software for a 3D overlay, BOM and detailed estimation.