Westlab Spaces has emerged over the past 10 years as a market leader in laboratory design and furniture, fitting over 600 laboratories globally, with an average of 8 hours design turnaround, with 100% on-time completion. This is our differentiator.

But there’s one factor that’s missing from the equation.

Westlab Spaces uses the policy that 100% of our installations, manufacturing and supply is partnered with local companies using our own teams of installers. Here’s why local teams are important.


Using our own people for design, drafting, installation and services means there is massive advantage for both parties in the deal.

Where locally sourced products, teams and people are used, quality and control over operations is virtually guaranteed. This offers superb project management, meaning laboratory refurbishments can take place with minimal interruption to daily flows and work processes, for example in the pathology setting, particularly large volume pathologies where throughput and process efficiency is vital. Quality of installation and service means that where the lab is concerned, the process can be up and running in minimal time, installation of existing equipment is simplified, and the lab is future-proof due to its modularity.

This applies to drafting as well as the actual installation and operations. Where in-house drafting and design occurs, this provides the expertise of experienced laboratory designers, who know the system, know the industry and know the workflows. This achieves overall a greater quality and return on investment than using external design personnel to provide this service.


As with any outsourcing, using external providers for installation or drafting means added time and hassle and more channels of communication needed. The dynamic Westlab Spaces team utilising in-house, experienced project managers, specialised installers, trained designers and drafters with specialised experience in laboratory design and employed LEAN consultants means the client is dealing with a communication hub – a dynamic team – of specialists. This translates directly into the receipt of a quality product with white-glove service and coordination feat, not a drawn-out program requiring constant exchange. In the scientific field, time is money.


Standards and compliance are perhaps the most important part of any laboratory as safety is paramount. Outsourcing personnel can be difficult where compliance is concerned, as finding people specialised in laboratory compliance is somewhat of a rarity. Where Westlab Spaces has experience in compliance, our own products designed in house and manufactured locally, compliance is a hassle-free part of the project.

In addition, Westlab’s system of accredited installers ensures that compliance is reached in installation. Quality is therefore a must-have, and compliance a by-product. Using accredited and approved installers, in combination with a compliant product which is future-proof and modular, ensures that you have both the experience of personnel, and the assurance that the end product is fully usable and totally safe to use in whatever application it may be.

Draftsmen which are experienced and approved also will ensure that the initial design meets all standards and is not leaving the laboratory falling short when in operation. Getting the process right from step one provides this assurance, and ensures that the product the client receives meets both the technical standards and the expected quality standards – resulting in a high return on investment and more value for the end user.

About Westlab Pty Ltd

Since 1993, Westlab has been dedicated to supplying the laboratory sector with innovative and reliable products and services. The company has built a solid reputation as a reputable provider with a focus on exceptional customer support.

In 2011 Westlab introduced its Projects division to leverage its extensive knowledge in the laboratory industry and deliver further value to clients. Westlab’s Projects division focuses on providing organisations with laboratory design, modular furniture, and joinery solutions.

Ten years on, 2021 brings a fresh new face with Westlab Spaces. A dynamic group to help unlock your next discovery.

Some of the sectors where Westlab offers its solutions include Universities, School science and STEM facilities, TAFE, Quality Assurance, Research facilities, Pathology, Life sciences, and Physical testing laboratories.

Westlab is an ISO 9001 certified company and strives to deliver fast, friendly and hassle-free service to the science industry (guaranteeing global quality solutions at competitive rates).