About Westlab

In 1993, Westlab formed as a passionate organisation dedicated to serving the laboratory industry with the highest quality products. Growing into a key player in international laboratory supplies and expanding to include the broad field of science and healthcare, Westlab’s passions, values and core mantra describe our attitude, and the way we enable discovery.

As a team, we are positive, focussed, driven and energetic, meaning we can provide a solution to any problem, and more. As Westlab has evolved into a global leader in the scientific space, we needed to define ourselves as a future for the world of discovery.

Who is DuraLab?

DuraPlan’s focus lay in quality manufacturing of compact laminate products. With established facilities in New Zealand, DuraPlan’s capability to manufacture this product continues to provide the highest quality and most accessible product. Evolving into three distinct business divisions, DuraPlan eventually became the trio of DuraPlan restroom systems, Surface Form wall protection systems, and working with Westlab Projects in Australia at the start of 2020, collaborated with the team to operate under DuraLab laboratory furniture.

Local Manufacturing

Westlab Projects’ expertise in high-end laboratory furnishing, with the Modulab Connect system, allowed DuraLab to launch off the global presence and collaborate using DuraPlan’s manufacturing capabilities for high-compact laminate materials. This manufacturing capacity brings the global reach and huge flexibility of local capacity to Westlab’s capabilities.

Global Presence

2021, bringing a refreshing rebrand to Westlab – envisioning a world of breakthrough discoveries – also sees the acquisition and merging of DuraLab and Westlab Spaces, formerly Westlab Projects. This strategic move by Westlab strengthens Westlab’s global presence whilst maintaining our commitment to local manufacturing in each of the countries we operate in.

Why? Because your discovery improves our world.

How we operate

Westlab’s key goal is to enable discovery. By providing the most trusted service to the field of science, Westlab are established as a team who are providing better solutions, always looking ahead and are proactive and innovative in the way we push the surge of discovery. We are always driven by the vision of a world of breakthrough discoveries.

With industry-leading laboratory design and equipment, Westlab have a reputation for delivering quality, future-proofed innovative products originating from the quality-hubs of manufacturing. Trendsetting scientific and medical solutions, we are driven by a fearless desire to facilitate discovery.

We are continuously innovating to unlock your discoveries, trailblazing solutions to clear the path for breakthrough research.

To know Westlab’s team is to know a team with their finger on the pulse, who get things done – putting the customer’s needs first. Meet The Team

We think differently, and take action.

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