In 1993, Westlab formed as a passionate organisation dedicated to serving the laboratory industry with the highest quality products. Growing into a key player in international laboratory supplies and expanding to include the broad field of science and healthcare, Westlab’s passions, values and core mantra describe our attitude, and the way we enable discovery.

As a team, we are positive, focussed, driven and energetic, meaning we can provide a solution to any problem, and more. As Westlab has evolved into a global leader in the scientific space, we needed to define ourselves as a future for the world of discovery.

Why? Because your discovery improves our world.

This evolution has placed us as Australia’s lab experts. We are reliable suppliers and innovators, delivering cutting-edge, future-proof products and designs consistently and affordably to enable unhindered discovery.

How we operate

Westlab’s key goal is to enable discovery. By providing the most trusted service to the field of science, Westlab are established as a team who are providing better solutions, always looking ahead and are proactive and innovative in the way we push the surge of discovery. We are always driven by the vision of a world of breakthrough discoveries.

With industry-leading laboratory design and equipment, Westlab have a reputation for delivering quality, future-proofed innovative products originating from the quality-hubs of manufacturing. Trendsetting scientific and medical solutions, we are driven by a fearless desire to facilitate discovery.

We are continuously innovating to unlock your discoveries, trailblazing solutions to clear the path for breakthrough research.

To know Westlab’s team is to know a team with their finger on the pulse, who get things done – putting the customer’s needs first.

We think differently and take action.

Global Excellence

Achieving a global standard of excellence meant aligning a team under the one banner. If you know Westlab in Australia, you know them in Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Enabling discovery is made consistent with a banner of energy. While Westlab’s professionalism has never dwindled, consistent growth and an increasingly unified approach to the global market has meant that fragmented sectionalisation would not make sense in our presentation to the world of science. Under a new global banner, Westlab can surge ahead, continuing to provide the best from here and abroad, continuing to provide reliability and breadth of capability. This way, science can carry on leaning upon Westlab to enable its success and realise today and tomorrow’s possibilities.

Our Vision and Mission

A world of breakthrough discoveries

Our vision of a world of breakthrough discoveries defines our whole purpose. With science at its height in the greatest period of research advancement, we see an ideal world of breakthrough discoveries.

Westlab in every discovery

Westlab’s mission is for Westlab to be in every discovery. Your discoveries make our world a better place. We’re here for you, in the same way science is here for mankind. We want you to say that “Westlab played a part in my success”, with solutions that let people on the scientific forefront to do their best work.

What this means for you

Your experience with Westlab continues to get better and better, as the bar keeps being raised in the scientific and medical field. Your discoveries – whether it is a research breakthrough or a medical diagnosis – will be spearheaded by Westlab’s medical and scientific solutions.

Westlab’s key achievement is closing the gap between quality and speed. Your needs are quality, yet readily available. With the greatest efficiencies in supply chain and agile solutions, we assure an industry-leading product, delivered quickly and on time – giving you the jump on your next discovery. Cutting through disruptions that may arise, our crowning motive is that your discoveries improve our world.

Westlab has been supporting the scientific and medical community since 1993.

Reliable suppliers and innovators, we deliver cutting edge, future-proof solutions.

Ensuring our clients have access to the latest products and equipment – when they need them.

Because your discovery, improves our world.