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Water Purification System

Westlab Spaces’ Centralised Laboratory Water Purification System can be custom built to suite the demand for small to large laboratory spaces.

Complete packages include:

  • Purification Modules
  • Booster Pumps
  • DI Storage Tank
  • Recirculating Pumps
  • Stands
  • Ancillary Equipment
  • Tubing and Fittings
  • Ring Mains
  • Outlets
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Fume Hoods

Westlab’s Fume Cabinets are tailored for ultimate flexibility within the lab.

Recirculating (ductless) fume hoods are customised to specific needs and provide ultimate modularity, ensuring that your lab stays future proof.

Ducted fume hoods are used for the best of extraction, with compliance, durability and fit for purpose guaranteed.

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Dangerous Goods Cabinets

Westlab Spaces’ Modulab 4-in-1 cabinet allows users to be fully future-proofed in the laboratory. With true innovations, the safety cabinet can be used for:

  • Flammable Goods
  • Oxidising Agent
  • Toxic Goods
  • Corrosives

The PolyChem corrosive cabinet is a metal-free, self-closing system that is fully modular and portable.

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Gas Turrets & Tapware

Manufactured with highest focus on quality, the Modulab Tapware range provides both aesthetics, durability and precision in any application. Gas turrets and taps are available in a range of configurations.

Manufactured in Italy from high-grade materials, the gas turrets and tapware range features innovations that increase safety and awareness.
– Locking handles
– Colour coded
– Laboratory spec locking nozzles
– Fully powder-coated exterior
– Slimline design

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The Gratnells™ Compactus system is a storage dream come true.

Allowing true space savings in storage, the compactus is ideal for archiving, preparation rooms, efficiency-focussed spaces and long-term storage.

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The Gratnells system is used by Westlab Spaces as it complements the true modular and flexible character of our laboratory modus operandum.

With near-infinitely variable configurations and modularity, the Gratnells system caters for high-traffic areas, and provides for efficiency throughout the storage and preparation area.

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Laboratory Furniture

Westlab’s extensive range of laboratory seating provides for ergonomics and comfort in the most intensive laboratory work.

Ergoflex™ Stools provide true ergonomics, moving physically with the body and providing support to the crucial pressure points.

Standard lab seating is anti-slip and anti-topple for increased safety.

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