William Clarke College




1400 sq ft




Design and Consultation
Shelving and Trolleys
Storage – Gratnells System

Westlab was engaged by William Clarke College to design, manufacture and install a SpaceMaster compactus storage system for their STEM and science space.

The core challenge for the William Clarke College science storage was to maximise the storage capacity using a minimal amount of space. The Westlab projects team provided an off-the-shelf proprietary SpaceMaster compactus system after providing an analysis of the additional storage capacity gained by this innovation.

The Modulab SpaceMaster® is an innovation by Westlab to assist with three-dimensional compression of storage using a mechanically assisted mobile platform along with the “well-known” Gratnells frames and tray configurations. This innovation is a huge game-changer due to the high quality, efficient, modular and affordable nature of the innovation.

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  • 1x Detailed Floorplan Concept
  • 1x 3D Furniture Concept
  • Detailed costing Proposal of Project

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