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Joinery Package
Laboratory Stools
Modulab Connect®
Safety Hardware
Service Spines
Shelving and Trolleys
Sinks and Bowls
Storage – Consumables
Storage – Under Bench
Taps and Turrets

Westlab was engaged early by RMH & Clarke Hopkins Clarke Architects to assist in the design and layout of the laboratory furniture for the new Anatomical Pathology lab at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The key requirement was for a crisp, functional lab space that would allow the end-user group to perform their best work processing critical pathology samples. Consideration for equipment like downdraft tables needed to be accommodated within the joinery layout, and reduction of pedestrianism and wasteful workflows were accounted for.

The use of Westlab’s PC2 compliant service spine allowed services to be brought to each workstation efficiently and the removable shelving gave added flexibility in the space should new equipment items need to be placed adjacent to these.

The outcome achieved was a functional and clean lab space which can adapt to the fast-changing environment of pathology sampling whilst also assisting the lab staff to reduce sample throughput time via a well considered layout.

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The complimentary laboratory design includes…

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  • 1x Detailed Floorplan Concept
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  • Detailed costing Proposal of Project

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