Performance Consulting


Westlab offers laboratory multi-tiered consulting services that are designed to maximise the return on investment on new and established laboratory spaces.

The outcomes include in-depth value stream mapping to understand and eliminate key waste sources, as well as, high level design recommendations to increase performance.

Who Is This For

Our performance consulting services focus on tracking key denominators and management by exception. This directly benefits Directors, CEO’s and management teams by improving the kind of results that move the needle at an organisational level.

All sectors can benefit from Westlab’s performance consulting service including Education, Universities, Quality Assurance, Research and Development and Health.

Westlab Consultancy Services

Consultancy Service Overview

Core deliverables of Westlab’s Performance Consulting services include leverage of economic denominator towards purpose and goals of an organisation as well as a more efficient, safe and results-driven laboratory.

The complete package requires a Westlab Consultant to travel on site to assess current processes and conduct a workshop session with relevant stakeholders.

Detailed Site Assessment

A Westlab Consultant meets with you on-site for an initial consultation followed by a detailed site assessment.

The key areas covered on this initial stage are broken down into Organisational and Technical factors. These include:

Organisational Factors

  • Company’s objectives
  • Laboratory goals
  • Current challenges

Technical Factors

  • Layouts and Workflows
  • Processes and Resources
  • Waste generation

On-site Workshop

Once the initial phase is completed, the Westlab Consultant facilitates an on-site workshop with relevant stakeholders.

Utilising LEAN methodologies, the workshop aims to uncover current inefficiencies while designing an optimised and result-driven outcome.

Workshops follow a step-by-step framework which can be customised to specific situations and goals:

  • DEFINE project outcomes
  • MEASURE current Value Stream Map (VSM)
  • ANALYSE sources of waste
  • PRIORITISE improvement opportunities
  • CREATE future Value Stream Map
  • PLAN new processes implementation
  • CONTROL gained efficiencies and capabilities

Reporting & Recommendations

In this final phase, the Westlab Consultant documents all findings and generates a detailed report that serves as a reference for the implementation of the future Value Stream Map as well as other process improvements.

Some of the sections covered in this report are:

  • Findings summary
  • Value Stream Map (VSM)
  • Layout design recommendations
  • Economic improvements
  • Other efficiencies
  • Controls and Reporting


  • Futureproof design overlay & implementation
  • Bill of Materials Generation
  • Detailed Estimation

Free Consultation & Lab Design


The first step in designing your inspiring laboratory is always the most challenging.

To help you get started, we offer a complimentary initial consultation and 3D laboratory design valued at $4,750.

Having designed and built more than 274 laboratories, we are experienced in creating inspiring and efficient laboratories spaces for our clients.

The complimentary laboratory design includes…

  • Virtual Room Assessment
  • Basic Lean/Flow Analysis
  • 1x Detailed Floorplan Concept
  • 1x 3D Furniture Concept
  • Detailed costing Proposal of Project

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