Inner Sydney High School is a brand new, highly modern and innovative STEM school which was completed in time for the 2021 school year. One of Westlab’s field salesmen visited the client with an equipment package precompiled for the benefit of the school’s scientific staff. The client responded with a full revised list of equipment for quoting by Westlab.

As the Inner Sydney High School was an entirely new school and had not had a full establishment to go by, the client was not sure of exact requirements and normal when procuring equipment for the school’s many STEM/Scientific environments. By seeking professional advice from the Westlab Scientific team, the client was able to have a succinct overview of the products which would be most suited to the curricula of the school’s core functions as a STEM-centric environment. Additionally, the team were able to meet the budget constraints faced by the client while obtaining equipment that complemented the school’s vision and the quality of the facilities.

The client was able to take advantage of Westlab’s bundle deal as well as the Westlab White Glove Service initiative. Through this, Westlab provided an efficient service and streamlined the client’s approach to bulk procurement of equipment and consumables to fully equip the school’s laboratories.

Overall, the results were achieved within budget and within time constraints. The high-quality equipment continued the cues and requirements for the building’s furnishings and the theme of the school. This facilitated the vision of the school of being an advanced and leading STEM secondary facility, and ultimately reduced the stress of the client in furnishing the school.